Wednesday, 10 February 2010

To the End of the World - Australia Day 2010

Antarctica |antˈärktikə; -ˈärtikə|
a continent around the South Pole, situated mainly within the Antarctic Circle and almost entirely covered by ice sheets. Its exploitation is governed by an international treaty of 1959.
After a few weeks of looking around I had finally found the best price available to get across to the highest continent on earth - Antarctica. Perhaps the reason that Gap Adventures were offering the cheapest fare possible was due to the negative publicity they may have received a few years back when their vessel - The MS Explorer capsized during the night after hitting an iceberg! least these guys have experience with search and rescue in sub minus conditions in some of the worst seas you will ever encounter!
Seasickness had become quite a problem for many of the crew and guest as our first few days across the Drake Passage were extremely rough. For myself it was not too bad and I found my sea legs early on into the trip which came in handy on day 2 when the few younger Aussies, Ben (Xavier) and Karina, corrupted my ways and we began to celebrate Australia Day at breakfast with a few sneaky drinks. Being allowed to raise the Australian flag up the mask on a Russian ship as we crossed over into the Antarctic waters (60 degrees South) was a highlight that we will all never forget!   

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