Sunday, 11 April 2010

Life's a Beach!!!

An Island somewhere far, far away...

Take some time to think of your favorite destination on earth.

Perhaps your destination has spectacular beaches or beautiful lush rainforest. Or you may simply prefer scrumptious cuisines day after day. Often the currency exchange will be at the top of our list as we always want more for less. All bar that few percentage of albinos (or the British) will be on the hunt for some excessive hits of vitamin C to darken their pastiness. Now…take all of that and add the most beautiful women you have ever seen into it and you have found my favorite holiday destination! 

What I talk about I can not name as it would be like Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves giving away the secret password to a world of endless pleasure. We all need our own secluded get aways and this place is mine! 

Aaron the Kiwi and I arrived on the Island after chilling in Lencois for a few days. Aaron has been twice already (once only a few weeks before) so you can imagine my expectations are quiet high! There is too much to see to spend your time going over an experience already experienced so I was excited and anxious to be here and see what all the rave was about. Lucky we had rested hard for about…hmmm…3 days as we were flung right back into it here with the continuations of Carnival post parties and the End of Summer parties to keep us entertained. 

Whilst here we stayed at 2 different hostels. Sunset Backpackers was definitely the pick and one of my favorite hostels in South America. Priced higher then most but what an amazing view and group of staff. Happy hour every night (free cocktail) is a necessity in ever hostel so good work Junior and staff in getting those caipirinhas to us all on the hour! If you make it to SB you may see my ugly mug hanging over the bar…a gift to the owner who caught a few of us having late night snacks from the kitchen on CCTV! Most days were spent at the beach which has some of the best surf in Brazil. Nights were spent drinking or…. drinking! We hired scooters to get from A to B and is quiet inexpensive. It takes a good few hours to get around the island and some very scenic locations. Some good clubs on the Island but none will compare to P12. This day club is set around a massive pool. Drinks are excessive but stiff. Bikini's are everywhere and after a day in the sun sipping on cocktails its time for a boogie on the dance floor!

With copious amounts of booze as a lubricator many friends were made and whilst causing shenanigans on this island getaway like no other. I'm sure you don't need me to ramble on anymore as your probably just googling at the pictures!

After 2 weeks being spoiled on the 'Island of Pleasure' I ventured back to Rio where I did all the touristy things that I hadn't had time for over the Carnival period. Jesus, Sugar Loaf, The Botanical Gardens and also an epic ride hang-gliding over Rio de Janeiro. Whilst I was flying the chance of making my next flight out of South America were growing slimmer and as it turns out I missed my flight to New York. Luckily my airline were flexible and I was able to out of Rio only a few hours later at no extra charge. 

This Blog entry is the final one for Cato el Conquistador in South America and Antarctica so I hope you have enjoyed!! Tune in next week for the shenanigans as I head through the US of A.

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  1. Beautiful blog and photos, have a nice day Radka.

  2. Wow! Looks incredible man. That first photo must have been Photoshopped in any case! Keep enjoying and talk soon... (If you can pull yourself away from the girls.)

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